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New grad and married to the military...

mantha_RN mantha_RN (New) New

Hello everyone!

I just wanted some input/advice on what to do, particularly from those who are married to someone in the military.

I graduated in December, and just recently passed my NCLEX. My husband and I are located in Georgia right now, and we have been told that we will be leaving and getting stationed at the end of September in Kansas. I don't want to let more time pass and let my skills and knowledge disappear, and I am so eager to begin working and gaining some experience. I would prefer to be working in a hospital setting, but would it be stupid of me to begin working only to turn around and give them our official orders when we receive them closer to September? (It could also be later). There are plenty of jobs open at the two hospitals in town, and I am having a hard time finding an open position at the hospital on post.

Thank you for your input!

Hello Mantha, congratulations on passing your boards! Your decision to apply for jobs now is one only you can make but I can tell you as a military wife with friends in the military community, relocating after starting a job is unfortunately a side effect of the lifestyle. I have friends that graduated in the spring, got a job, and then moved across the US 6 months later. I personally started on a PCU type floor, and transferred to the ICU after 7 months, and then unfortunately had to leave my dream ICU job 10 months later because my husband was transferred. So now, with a little over 2 years of experience, I am on my 3rd job since graduating. Am I proud of that? No, but it is what it is. Additionally, knowing the military life, I know I would hate to hold out for a job after moving and then have orders changed, postponed, or cancelled completely. Good luck in your decision.


Thank you so much! And thank you for responding to me. It is nice to hear from another person who has been apart of the military life (as I am just beginning). I have been told time and time again to not let his job dictate what I do and to not hold back from my dreams. I guess I will just see how it all pans out, because I would also hate to miss out on the experience. I will keep you posted! Thanks again!


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