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New Grad LPN cant find a JOB in South Jersey

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Hello, Everyone I am a New Graduate Practical Nurse and cannot find a job in southern NJ that hires new grads. Everywhere I went to apply specifically LTC facilities, requires you to have at least one year nursing experience. I dont understand how I can gain experience if no one is willing to give me a chance. Do anyone know who is hiring new grads in the camden county, gloucester county area? I am really getting depressed and stressed over this, I am considering going back to school for something else.:mad:

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Don't just look for new grad positions- apply for the ones requiring experience too. Just because it says experience is needed doesn't mean that they can't interview you and hire you for the job if they like you. Apply to lots of different positions, wherever you can find an LPN job. Make sure your resume is well written and you have good references. If you have any friends or family that work in healthcare, ask them to recommend you. If you went to school in that area, ask your instructors for suggestions for applications. Keep applying. Have you been searching long? Some new grads (LPN and RN) are still trying to find work up to a year or more after graduation.


Specializes in geriatrics, cardiac.

Yes ive been applying to places that said experience only went on two interviews and they said we would love to hire you unfortunately we are currently looking for experienced nurses. Well my friend gave her DON my resume and hopefully I will grt hired there for weekends I will take anything at this point. Its been a year now geesh student loans recently got deferred so thats good. Thanks for the support. I feel much better today and I will not give up on my Job Search:nurse: