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Hello, I am graduating nursing school next year and am interested in becoming a SANE a few years down the road. I assumed that most programs prefer ED experience before becoming a SANE; however, the hospital where I currently work as a CNA prefers for forensic RNs to get their critical care certification (CCRN). it is not required, but recommended…Now I am unsure as to whether I should start out in the ED or the ICU. 

(I also want to eventually become a FNP, so I am interested in whichever unit will prepare me the most to be a SANE and FNP.) thanks!! 



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I see this is kind of old - but just because your facility "prefers" candidates from a certain specialty doesn't mean they will reject you. Get a year or two of some kind of nursing experience that matters to you and then ask if it's just a preference or a requirement! 

There's a big push for more SANE nurses nationwide so hopefully you can  become certified. It's a very demanding but satisfying role. 

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