New grad Job in a pain clinic but very hesitant to stay


Hi I'm a new grad that started a job in a pain clinic a week ago. I am debating quitting as some things have raised red flags such as: super high turnover rate, training was only a week, the person who trained me graduated 6 months ago(she is their most seasoned nurse), I've been told to make up vitals, told my sterile fields "don't really need to be sterile", iv's started by medical assistance and they pass meds too. I am scared for my license. I hate to be a quitter after such a short time but I feel the environment is unsafe. Any thoughts? So confused.


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Run for the hills!!! It sounds like a Pill Mill and yes you could run into trouble there. Here in Florida, there are always reports of Pill Mills being raided and I see, on the news, employees being led out in handcuffs. Anytime that you feel that what you are doing is against your moral and ethical code, then I would leave. No job is worth your license.

And here is another thought, it might not look good to future employers if they see that you spent a good amount of time working in that kind of environment.