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New Grad, Job Hunting, Wondering the best way to get the job?


I recently graduated from AAS RN program and am looking for jobs. I live in a small area and the number of opportunities is much smaller than the amount of graduates we have. I have completed my resume and cover letter and have tried all I know to do to make myself stand out. I do not have any medical-related experience other than having a degree in dental assisting. I know for a fact the hospitals have been calling for interviews, but it seems only those who have experience, such as CNAs. I am wondering how to make myself stand out. Someone suggested stopping by the HR offices and handing in my resume. I'm not sure if I should do this or not. The websites state to apply online if interested, attach your resume, and if interested, they will call. There is no contact information listed as to who I would even give my resume to. So, is this something others suggest as well? I am new to job searching in any area, so i appreciate the help!! :)


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