New Grad Interview Tomorrow!

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I'm a new grad and have been working for the past 3 months orienting to the OR. At first when I found out I got the position, I was really excited at the opportunity. But, as reality has set in, I'm thinking more and more each day that it's not the specialty I want to work in. Also, even though I'm working full-time until oriented, I'm technically PRN, which means that my hours could drastically decrease once orientation is over. Plus, at my hospital, there are a whole host of things that are only available to PT/FT employees. I'm concerned about the skills I feel I'm losing (and please, understand, I'm not knocking the OR at ALL; it is very hard work) and where I feel will be best for my future (I'm considering a future as an NP).

That said, I decided to start putting out my feelers for other possible opportunities. I applied for a new grad program with an incredibly prestigious hospital and made it past the initial application process, telephone interview and tomorrow, have the final panel interview. This would be a FT, benefits-eligible position that would pay more than I'm currently making before even considering shift differential. I'm interviewing with the nurse managers from ICU, CV and transplant. I've been reading threads here & various places online about what to wear, how to act and especially what questions to ask. I previously lost out on a new grad position and I feel that it's because I didn't ask any questions, so I want to make sure this time I ask questions that show that I'm interested and would be a good candidate. I have some good general questions (about patient ratios, scheduling and other unit things) but would like some good questions about each specialty to ask.

Any advice on questions or anything else for the interview? I'm scared to death, but really excited that this may lead to where I feel is the right fit for me. Thanks in advance for your help!

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