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New Grad - Houston Area

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Greetings 😊

My name is Jocelyn. I'm a nursing student in Alaska graduating an associates program Dec of 2021. My boyfriend lives in Houston and has landed a good job as a paramedic. I'm hoping to relocate to the Houston/Spring area once I graduate. I understand I would need to take my NCLEX and transfer my license to TX.

I've been looking at a few hospitals in the region, but am looking for some insight. Here in AK, nurses are regularly hired at hospitals with associates degrees. What is the case in the Houston/Conroe/Spring/etc. area? I am concerned about landing a new grad job out of nursing school in a hospital I have no connections in. What are your recommendations? Do you think it would be difficult to get into a nursing job at a hospital in the area? I would like to get some good experience, probably med-surg or related to start my career. I am currently a CNA and I will be getting my BSN eventually.

Also, I am thinking of coming to Houston for the Summer. Does anyone know of companies in the area hiring temporary CNA's or PCT's? I would also be interested in any internships or other healthcare related jobs allowing me to spend the Summer there. I have done a few travel CNA contracts and would love to be closer to my honey if possible.

Any advice/info is greatly appreciated!

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