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So I have been an RN since Nov 2013. I have an interview for a part time home-care job. Should I go for it? Am also doing my BSN at Chamberlain to be done in November. I need to make money asap. I am currently working as an LPN also. This will be my 1st RN job. Am in NYC by the way so it's hard out here. Also any advice will help. Thanks


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You can go for it but you need to ask for a good orientation. Ideally, new grads shouldn't be in home health. However, I do understand about the lack of hospital jobs so a new grad should have an orientation similar to the hospital. You should have 2-3 months or more riding with a preceptor and once you're on your own, you should be given the less acute cases. Your preceptor should be available daily to answer questions and weekly to discuss your cases and look at your documentation. I know a lot of nurses disagree with me but with all the nursing jobs moving into the community, we have to find a way to orientate new grads into home health and hospice. This is where the need is.


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Thank u. I will do it @ least to give me that RN experience on my resume


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+ just hired a new grad at my agency. We plan to put her through 2 month of orientation. She had a few days in the office with me, and then she will ride around with a nurse on her visits for the remainder of the time. She can't do vents or IV's until we send her for further training. Just be careful that they give you the orientation you need.


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I started as a new grad back in 2010. I had a very good orientation and less acute pts. Looking back, I do wish I had some med/surg experience, but it has worked out fine. I am very honest about things I am unsure about, and have had no problems receiving education on those things. Just make sure they dont throw you out there unprepared.