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hi! im a new grad nurse of 4 months who started in an l&d residency. I left before the end of my orientation b/c OB is not for me hahahha. I'm transitioning into a pediatric HH RN job- they offer a new grad training program and will start me with a low acuity patient (just a Gtube). Are there any nurses who started our in home health or new grads currently in it? I feel like people steer new grads away from it from understandable reasons. But with the proper training- I feel like it could be a great career path. Looking for advice and any positive thoughts on it?

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I was hired as a new grad in HH. I was a student actually there for 3 months prior so that was essentially my training. There was so much more to learn, but with the right environment and if you have supportive management and educators, you can definitely thrive. Don't be afraid to ask any questions or make calls for assistance when you're in the home. Make sure you know who can call for help. 
it sounds like the company is being very respectful towards your knowledge base and experience and to me this is a great sign. If you're ever pressured to go into a situation that you aren't prepared for, don't hesitate to let them know you can't take the assignment until you get further training or preceptor visits. Good luck. I personally believe that home health can be very appropriate for a new grad especially if you can start out with less complex patients.


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Just ask for extra training before you start on your own on a case. When you're training, try to do everything by yourself , ask the main nurse to just watch. Keep reading up on stuff on these forums. Plenty of YouTube videos to help you with assessment skills. Remember your ABC's... airway breathing circulation. Check their pulse ox first thing at beginning of the shift . Document always , " if it's not documented it wasn't done." Learn about defensive documentation, there are courses on this. Good luck with everything. Starting new jobs always is nerve-wracking, even if you are an experienced nurse with years and years of experience , can feel like a newbie ! It's normal! 

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