New grad:Help with some pointers/clarification pls.

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So I passed my NCLEX beginning of Sept and started my Job Search soon after.2 months down,I don't have a RN job as yet.Realize I need some redirection.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

As a new grad RN, I know the most ideal place to start is considered to be a hospital.Then comes a LTC or Nursing homes.My understanding is that the above places require one to care for a range of pts and this helps build a good Med/Surg foundation.For the moment,I haven't been lucky with the few hospitals,LTC or Nursing homes I have applied to and w/some hospitals, I don't even qualify considering the experience/education req. as listed by the ad.

What's next?

Doctor's clinic? I 've applied to a few without any avail.The search still continues.


1.Few I've come across say they can't take me since I don't have any experience.Namely the big name agencies that also offer good comprehensive benefits.

2.Few are ready to call me over.They make me fill 20 or more pgs of application package.ok w/ new grads. They claim to provide placement in a hospital/LTC position but am scared if they send me to a hospital/LTC as an agency nurse, what it is going to be like? I'll be one unfamiliar nurse in a setting where I'll be expected to function like a regular for one shift.How will I manage so many pts because no body is going to care I'm a new grad there.Sounds too risky!

3.Agency taking new grads for homecare nursing position.Atleast w/ this,I know I have one pt to take care of at a time and feel more comfortable.If the case isn't too complicated,I could manage it even as a new grad provided I'm giving a brief overview.I've worked as a HHA in the past.

4.Agencies that hire per diem for wellness/flu shot clinics.I guess I'm already late for this since season for giving shots is almost over! They run Sept through November?

Lastly Volunteering.All the list of positions I have checked into don't give any hands on practice to work like nurse.They are mostly for greeters,companions,etc.Networking and personal gratification aside, I wonder if they will be of any use ?

Does anyone know how to get into a staffing pool for med/surg via some sort of training?Any hospitals in NYC?

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to add to the list/warn me about anything.

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