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new grad going into postpartum

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I am a new graduate (May 2020) and was just offered my first RN job. I always knew I wanted to go into maternal child health. Last month, I interviewed for a NICU position at a hospital in NYC. I was very excited about the possibility of becoming a NICU nurse, but unfortunately I was not selected. One month later, the same hospital interviewed me again and offered me a mother/baby position that same day. I feel super lucky to have my first RN job in a specialty. I am very excited as I completed my transition clinical on a postpartum unit. I love the couplet care, working with families, and encouraging new mommies to breastfeed. I knew from this clinical experience that I could definitely see myself working as a postpartum nurse. I am, however, extremely nervous to start my first real job. The orientation is 3-6 weeks and I will be on nights. I would appreciate if any postpartum nurses would share their experiences working and if they have any advice! Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

Hi! I’m actually a new grad in nyc as well. I’ve been trying to get positions in women’s health but I haven’t gotten any interviews yet. Is there anything you did to stand out? I would really appreciate some advice, I’m getting desperate now 😅