New grad feeling bedside burnout


Hi all. I'm a mess today. 

I started my RN residency in January, but before I became a nurse I was a pct & nurse Extern on a covid unit for 3 years. I felt the bedside burnout within 2 years but stuck it out because everyone was miserable on my unit and that's just "what being a nurse is about.” I never knew any other unit or what a healthy culture could be. 

I graduated and felt on top of the world. Getting to work on my "dream" unit away from all the toxic people & critically ill patients. This unit has amazing coworkers and the patients are wonderful....but I feel so unfulfilled. 

This job is all charting. It's all about what policy we need to follow. Policy, policy, charting, policy, charting. 

I want to leave bedside. I am a wreck right now. I thought it was a unit problem, but it's a bedside problem. I should have known my burnout was a sign to stay outpatient and not go for a hospital job. I feel stuck. I'm in a contract but at this point I don't even care what the repercussions are. I'm miserable. 

Just a new grad needing advice....