New Grad Application Tips

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Hello, new grad here!

I feel like I've applied to many different hospitals, and am patiently waiting interviews/emails. Any advice on how to strengthen applications to possibly get that interview opportunity? And are two letters of rec strongly recommended/important?? (I currently have one)

I feel as if I have some relevant experience that boosts my resume, yet still not getting the interviews I'm hoping for. 

Any and all advice is welcome, thanks in advance. 

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Hello new grad, 

I would encourage you to get another reference as sometimes one may be unavailable and employers may like to see another type of referee, for example, a teacher or someone you have worked with in the clinical area as a student. 

I would encourage you to be persistent and make calls to the hospitals to get information about recruitment. 

Look out for residency programs and don't limit your options on where to work. Be open, all the best!