New grad accepted job offer from HCA


Hello all,

I am a new grad nurse who accpeted a position as a trauma nurse starting soon! I am excited yet confused about HCA/Parralon's program and was hoping someone who was once in my shoes can offer advice. I'm just confused about the job offer part. The hospital says I have the job but I read through Parralon's power points and it says you may or may not be offered permanent employment at the end of the training period (13 weeks). Basically it's saying that if you can keep up and pass the orientation part we may extend an offer to you? Or am I way off? I'm so nervous and anxious to start but I don't want to get my hopes up. The good news is that I recently went to my facility to be drug tested, background checked, and they took my blood to make sure that my immune system is still up to par (yes I'm as healthy as an ox lol this isn't my first titer).

Opinions are appreciated!