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New to Forum & Hospice

by grbrico1 grbrico1 (New) New

Hello Everyone!

I had forgotten about this forum I was on years ago, and can't remember my user name. LOL

I had joined when I was a student and now I am back. I have worked ICU/CCU the last few years and I have finally was able to find a spot in the one area I wanted to work in for as long as I could remember. Hospice.

Around here.. its very difficult to get into hospice...No one ever leaves. I have been working with them for two months now... and I LOVE IT! I can't tell you how much I enjoy this type of nursing.

I was kinda put out to the wolves after two weeks orientation... we had some sick nurses and an influx admissions in my 4 county area I would be taking over. My 2nd day on my own...LOL... I was at a pt home, and had to call in social services and the police showed up. My pt whom had had a stroke and was a bilateral amputee, had been beaten up, and his care taker was selling his pain medications, and selling other drugs in the home. We go the patient out, I was threatened with my life and wouldn't leave the patient. I had a bad feeling about going into that home and had the social worker go with me.

The following day I did a death on my own, the following day one of my patients family was involved with drug diversion. Never knew the term "Chicklets" with Duragesic patches before... but now I do. LOL

I told my PCC, that she should just call me Wolf Bait... and that I had felt like I had been Hazed...LOL.... All those experiences in my first three days on my own. They were astounded.... I survived... and I think if that is as bad as it gets... I will be okay!

My concerns now are the wounds.... even though I was in ICU and CCU, our wound nurse wrote the orders. I use Hospice Pharmacia with the wound nurse consult... but its just not working... looking for more information on wound care.

However, I must say that I love this job... I have never had another nursing job like this before.... and I don't think I will ever leave it. I would love some tips on how you manage your patients, and pressing situations like I have been in. I cover a very large county area...and driving to one house to another can be over an hour... time management is also a concern for me. I only have 9 patients right now.. our other case managers have 15-20 and Im already running like mad..LOL

I hope it will get better!

Any suggestions will be great.. and believe me.. I will be haunting these listings.. because I love to learn.

Best Wishes,


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