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Hi everyone. I graduated last June and worked MedSurg for 6 months, and just began working in the ER for about 2 months now. My orientation hasn't been stagnant -- I've been pulled in and out of the ER for different classes (arrhythmia course, ER course), so I feel "new" almost every time I go in. The learning curve is huge, and after next week, I'm off orientation and on my own. I have no idea how I'm progressing, but I was wondering if anyone had any words of advice or tips on how to succeed in my position? Thanks :-)

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Study labs, meds and "what to look for" on most common reasons patient come to ED: chest pain, abdominal pain in different quadrants, P.E., ectopic pregnancy, asthma, seizures, broken bones, head injuries on blood thinners, stroke etc. Offer to help other and ask for help when you need it. Don't overwork your medics or they will turn on you. When taking over an assignment I write crucial items down and circle things that still need to be completed. Name, Allergies, IV locations & what's infusing, tests, lab results, recent meds, history, surgeries. When it's a new patient, I don't do this because I'm familiar with them from the start. Study at home. Sheehy's is great. You Tube offers some great information. Learn Art Line and CVP and Ventric set ups. Good luck. The ED can be a great place to work.

All wonderful advice. Thank you so much! I've begun to write things down as well and have found that to be extremely helpful, especially when it's busy. Thanks!

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