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I've been an RN for about 10 years mainly working in blood/plasma donation centers. I was recently offered a position as a Correctional RN with the sheriffs department in a facility in the LA area which I should be starting within the next month or so.  

 I am a bit nervous about starting corrections since I have not been in a hospital setting since clinicals. At my current job we do a lot physical assessments, counselings, handle adverse reactions, deal with a lot of upset and sometimes aggressive donors , and completing report when something goes wrong with the donors. Based on the little information I found in my Google searches seems like these can be useful skills for corrections.  I also see that a lot new grads are being offered jobs so I am assuming they have a hefty orientation which should help me refresh some unused skills. 

Besides the excellent pay, what other perks or benefits should I expect  (if any), what should I expect as far as the job duties, work load, and what does the day to day look like?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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