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new to computer charting, whats the work flow?

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Hi all. I am a nurse with two years experience as an RN and two years experience as an LPN, all of it cardiac/step down floor along with being floated to a general med/surg floor during that time. I have recently decided to do travel nursing. I feel I have reached a point where I am comfortable enough with my knowledge and skills to try it! I recently took my first assignment and had a horrible experience. My main problem was the lack of computer charting experience. Can anyone explain to me how the typical work day goes when computer charting is used? For instance, I am used to having an entire chart in front of me and when I do a chart check I can look and see what orders have a number beside them, this lets me know the order was seen/processed. I had no idea how to do this on the computer. The hospital I was at gave me a preceptor but she was usually no where to be found. When I asked her for help she replied that she was only there to help me with the computer, not my nursing skills. I went to the manager of the floor and got no help there either.

I know when you travel they want you to hit the ground running, but how can I be expected to function independently without any orientation at all? Do travel assignments sometimes give you training on their computer system?

Are there any sites out there that I can train on at my own pace? Like a learn it yourself kind of thing for computer charting??

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