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I am new here.

I wonder if anyone would be able to advice me.

I am a student nurse just about to graduate from university with a rgn, Bsc registration in september 2007. I want to Nurse in the USA but recentley discovered that my training doesnt cover all 4 areas in order to get a ATT to test for the CGFNS exam. I have apporached my university to find out if i can possibly do clinical hours in peadiatrics, mental health and midwifery but was told they dont allow clinical hours in those areas and all we were given was just the theory in those areas. I dont know what to do or how i can get those clinical hours in those areas in order to get my trascription sorted out. Can someone tell me if they know of a institution in London that is doing that sort of thing for work in the US or a agency that might be able to help me with placements or something. I feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall right now. As we all know teh process of getting to the US is very long so i have been reading for my CGFN and feel quite confident to sit it soon, but cant till i get all this sorted out. Any help from anyone would be appreciated, especially those of you that have been in similar situations.

Thanks everyone


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This topic is now closed to further replies.