new to charge sooo scared!!


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Okay so a few weeks ago I wrote in saying that I wanted to go to transfer from my post surgical floor to CCU. It didn't happen and now I'm fine with that. But somehow or another I got talked into being orenatied to charge. Ahhh!! I was told this will be a good challenge for me and it will cause growth!! I am only one year out of school so that is my experience is just this floor. I am sooo scared!! I will then be responsible for our 18pt floor. I think what makes me more nervous is delegating. They just don't teach you enough on how to do that. I don't want people to walk all over me and I don't want to sound like a drill sarget either. I know for the most part people know what there job is and they do it, but still. I don't know maybe I am looking at it from the wrong prospective. So tonite will be my first nite and me and the assistant nurse manager will be ONE. I think Im also scared because there are other nurses that I work with that have more experience than I do or are older than I am. I think they don't want to do it. I guess I am worried that others are going to look at me and be like "she shouldn't be doing that, or who do she think she is?" I know i shouldn't worry about what people think. I mean we have a great floor and great nurses, but its hard not to think somebodys going to be talking. and yes i know people are going to talk about you no matter what. but anyways these are just things i am thinking about. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion about it or has gone thru the same thing. Thx


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I went through the same exact scenario except I trained to charge at 8 months on my post-surgical step-down telemetry unit. We have 25 patients, so we go up to 6 RN's and 2 CNA's on nights. I was given 3 days of orientation (which weren't the greatest because of course they were crazy hectic nights!). I was then charge for over half my shifts for the next month or so. I felt the same way you did, how could I help others who have been a nurse longer than me. The answer is that there are certain types of people who are good at charge and certain types that aren't. A lot of the experienced nurses on my floor have no desire to be charge, and frankly would not be good at it. Even though it is a scary experience at first, it is the ultimate compliment that others think you have the ability to lead. Just remember that you are always going to be put in situations where you are uncomfortable, but that's how we learn. After a little while at charge, you are going to learn many resources to utilize in those kinds of situations. It will be a great thing and one you won't regret in your nursing career.