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New Canadian RN grad seeking advice in working in the United States

emrepRN emrepRN (New) New

Hi allnurses,

I will soon be graduating from York University's (Toronto, ON) with a BScN (Honors). I am interested in moving to the United States to work, with a particular interest in North and South Carolina. I am seeking advice and guidance from experienced nurses as to the best route in obtaining licensure in the US and North/South Carolina. As the NCLEX is now used in Canada, should I apply to write the NCLEX through the Ontario regulatory body (CNO) or an American regularly body (e.g. NCBON or NCSBN)?

I am also interested in working in critical care. I would appreciate any suggestions regsrding obtaining certification in Canada or attending an American certification program.

I greatly appreciate any advice and expertise you are able to share with me! :)

Warm Regards,


The_Gift, BSN, RN

Has 8 years experience.

1st thing you should do is contact the BON of Carolina and see what there requirements are and what paper work you would need to submit to them write your NCLEX exam(PASS) its fine to write the NCLEX in ontario cause thats what i did apply for a visa screen contacting GCFNS. then pretty much when you have all those things License from whatever state your apply for so S. Or N. Carolina your visa screen then the hardest part is trying too find a job as new grad if you do get lucky and some does offer you a job you'll get them to write you a detailed job offer of your duties etc etc and go to the border with all your documents and apply for a TN status which allows you to work in the USA for up to 3 years. good luck any other questions just ask or PM me


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