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Never mind! - Found Answer :)


I should have searched prior to asking - there are lots of threads with good suggestions. If anyone still wants to answer, I won't object!

I'm posting this here because I'm hoping to hear from some nursing students. I am applying to start nursing school in January. This semester, I'm taking a statistics class, but no other classes. I've finished all of my non-nursing classes and prerequisites, but I want to review what I've learned, especially in A&P. I did well in my classes, and I know the material, but I'm worried that I'll lose it if I don't use it! What have others done in my situation, and what aspects of A&P do you use most in nursing school? Am I correct to assume that, at first, it's a macro approach - bones, muscles, organs? - with less, if any, emphasis on the biochemical processes?

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