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  1. Which hospital is good to go for volunteer work and also gain experience?
    I am trying to get my feet wet to gain experience in the medical field. Can someone please help me out?
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  3. by   Race Mom
    I volunteer at St. Rose de lima campus (Lake Mead and Boulder Hwy). I absolutely love it! I was trying to get 100 hours for points towards admission into the ADN at CCSN. I did it in one month! I could have stopped in October, but it is fun and I enjoy being around the patients and people I volunteer with, so I keep going! There isn't a lot of experience that comes with it, other that knowing a wheelchair and how to use it, bringing specimens to the lab, handing out food (sometimes) and being in the environment. I have taken a couple of kids to the ER while mom/dad parks the car and have now realized that they are who I want to help. Unfortunately, this campus doesn't have a Peds ward, so I don't get to see the kiddos much, but I light up when I do! The Sienna campus (St. Rose Pkwy and Eastern) has the Peds ward, but it is a 6 week wait to become a volunteer. Their volunteers can work on certain floors. I just work at the information desk and travel to the floors that need something. We are just a lot smaller than Sienna. You are requested to do one 4 hr. shift a week. You get a free meal after your shift (good food too). It is a lot of fun, you should come by!
    If you want more info, call Denise at the hospital. She is super nice and is very willing to help with questions. 616-7514.
    ps. It takes about 2 weeks to get the background check done. It's $20 for the jacket we wear. They are getting something going to offer NS with the immunizations for school at no cost. Shifts are 8am-12, 12-4pm, and 4pm-8pm.
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    What about Valley Hospital? Anyone do volunteer work there?What teachers should One stay away from? Have anyone taking classes on the internet?