UNLV SON Summer 2013 - page 8

Hey guys, I'm applying to the Summer 2013 semester at UNLV. My signing session is early February. It would be great to connect with other 2013 SON hopefuls.... Read More

  1. by   sl703
    I'm debating whether I should purchase the bundle or each textbook separately online. Going the online route will save about $200, but I'm wondering if I'll be missing something that only comes with the bundle, does any one know? Thanks.
  2. by   IRISHLUCK
    I'm taking my pre-reqs at CSN and the counselors there are useless for any info or help. Some of the general ed requirements online state Phil 102 is a pre-req but the BSN list does not have it listed. Is this class a requirement to get into the BSN program?
  3. by   sl703
    I took Phil 101 to fulfill the second humanities prerequisite at UNLV. It is not mandatory to take Philosophy, but it is one option you can choose, the other common option is taking Communications 101.
  4. by   Popcorngirl
    I haven't bought my books yet so I don't know. Have you gone to the bookstore and looked at the bundle and what's all included? I'm confused about the Pageburst thing. I know we have the option of getting all digital copies or hardcopies of the books and I am for sure getting the hardcopies. Is the Pageburst only for the digital books?
  5. by   sl703
    They don't have the summer term bundle available in the bookstore yet, but it is practically the same set, and costs the same amount as previous semester's bundles. I just went ahead and bought the same exact books, brand new, online to save money. The email they sent out specifically listed what was in the bundle, so I'm just hoping that is really all there is inside. From what I understand, the Pageburst is used only for the digital books through Elsevier online; it is the software that Elsevier uses for students to download the material from.
  6. by   MISSUNIQUE99
    Hello all of those BSN Students that started this summer 2013. I am curious to know how your first semesters are going.
  7. by   MISSUNIQUE99
    Also I just did my signing session for fall 2013 and I have 93.27 points which I think is an awesome score but it makes me nervous that 124 people applied for this upcoming term....anyhow I should hear something by 7/15.