TMCC now accepting Nevada residents first!

  1. I was just reading the new requirements for getting into the nursing program at TMCC, and now they have decided to admit Nevada residents first, and if there are spaces then non-residents. Anybody else affected by this change? I was under the good neighbor, but since that was abolished, I am left in limbo. I live in Reno now, but won't be a bona-fide resident until next November. I know that there are a number of Truckee/Tahoe residents that will be in the same boat. I will be writing to the powers who be about this new decision, and wholeheartedly hope that if this affects you, that you do the same! I will be attending the orientation this evening, and should get more information about this new development. Thanks for reading, I am soo frustrated!
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  3. by   Saundee2011
    Did you get in valuable information in the orientation? They keep changing the requirements, I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you!
  4. by   RNpatrol
    Hey Saundee,
    It was pretty much the Nevada residency requirement, CNA, and medical term. that has changed. I probably wouldn't have been in the running until 2013! But I just found out on Friday that I was accepted into an accelerated program in Sacramento! So phew, I will no longer have to chase the requirements around for the TMCC program! I do wish I could be closer to home, but whatever it takes to get through right?! Thanks for the response!
  5. by   Saundee2011
    Congrats!!! I understand the far away from home but having to do what you have to...I live in Mammoth Lakes CA (just got in before they changed that requirement) so I will be commuting too. But like you said we do what we have to, so happy your stress on finding a program is over!
  6. by   RNpatrol
    Have you started yet or are you in the spring? Did you find a place to stay in Reno (hopefully?) I have in laws to stay with in Sac, so that will help. We are probably commuting about the same distance, hope you have safe travels!