RN-BSN in Las Vegas

  1. For some reason I was under the assumption that UNLV had a RN-BSN track but just read on here that they discontinued it in 2006.......so I will be starting at CSN soon and want to know where other people have gone to from CSN as far as a RN-BSN track goes??
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  3. by   massagechick
    if you want to stay in the area nevada state and touro are your only options right now. nevada state will let you take 9 credits that will also count toward your msn at unlv, so that helps out a little down the road.
  4. by   melement
    Have you done one of these programs?? Or know much about them??
  5. by   massagechick
    i'm doing nevada state's rn to bsn when i'm done with my rn at csn. i haven't done any research on touro because it's way out of my price range... especially for an undergrad degree!! i've heard positive things about the program but haven't really critically compared it to anything else since i have no interest in leaving the desert. nv or az is the place for me!!
  6. by   melement
    So another question I have is that I have heard the the program at nevada state is all online....is this true?? Thanks for all the great info!
    Also how far are you along at CSN??
  7. by   nursetobein2009
    even touro has most part of the program online.