Nurse Apprentice positions in Las Vegas?

  1. Hey all! I was hoping someone might have some info for me on how to become a "NAP"? I am just finishing first semester, and would really like to work a little this summer to keep up my newly-learned skills! I keep being told that becoming a NAP is more about WHO you know! I've searched for these positions online - and only two results came up (one of which says it's no longer available...and the other link just won't work).Can anyone tell me what I can do to become a nurse apprentice? Any helpful hints would be great!!! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Nicole2010
    Mt.View is having 2 NAP positions opening soon. Most hospitals are not doing a NAP position due to the finacial issues
  4. by   libbyjeanne
    I worked as a NAP at Sunrise. Usually their NAP positions open up in the end of May or in June. I worked in Peds and I believe all the psotions opened up in the middle of May. Once you apply, find out who the supervisor is and check up on your app. There will be many applicants and you could be lost in the pile. That is what I did to ensure my position since I didn't "know" anybody...
  5. by   Afirecoflyer
    Is a NAP a paid or volunteer position? If paid, what is the range? Thanks.
  6. by   rodmoser
    That would be great to know..Maybe check with spring valley as well.. cheers! Rodney
  7. by   kidzrn08
    Sunrise peds used to hire a lot of Naps we're not anymore. No budget for it. The peds ER is still hiring them tho, just have to check frequently. And it is a PAID position but is VSP
  8. by   tfig2012
    @kidzrn08 I was wondering where could I look for the available NAP positions? Would it be on their website or would I have to go ask in person? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!