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  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]this is my first post, and i just wanted to say hi! i'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has decided a career change is in order, and i have decided be an rn. i actually come from a long line of nurses (mom, sister, aunt, cousin), so i know i have it in my blood, it just took me a little longer to come to my senses.

    anyway, i'm in the very begining of my journey. i'm seriously looking into csn (college of southern nv), i have applied for admission, and i'll be going to the health programs orientation at the end of may. i'm looking to find a job in healthcare while i'm in school, but i need to research options since i'm not really trained in anything health related. so, i still have a lot of questions, i would love to hear any ideas or advice you all may have!

    [font=lucida sans unicode]thanks for reading!

    [font=lucida sans unicode]melody
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  3. by   Taffey
    Check into the CNA program. It does not take long to do. Plus on the website for CSN Health programs there are a few certificate programs available. Good luck.
  4. by   MissMelody
    Thanks for the advice, I looked up the other health programs aat CSN like you suggested. I would like to take a course over the summer so when I start my pre reqs in the fall I'll at least have my foot in the door already and be getting some experience. I was thinking Phlebotomy, but the class is already full. I need to call about the CNA program, if its not full thats probably the best bet. I have to admit though, it does scare me a little, I've been reading the nursing gross out stories. :smackingf But I suppose I ought to start developing my cast iron stomach early on.

    How far along are you in the program? Are you going to CSN and how do you like it?

    Thanks again for your response!
  5. by   Taffey
    I have 1 class left in my pre reqs. When I took the CNA class I had no medical background. So it was good for the experience. And yes there is a lot of gross stuff. Some of it you will over come and some will just always gross you out, but you learn ways to deal with it.
  6. by   QuietRN
    I agree with Taffey. Take the CNA course at CSN! I also did that when I first decided to go back to school to become an RN. I really enjoyed the course. The gross stuff takes some getting used to - but really, it's all natural. Everyone poops.
    I now just finished my first semester in the nursing program and I still love it! When doing prereqs, I recommend taking as many classes as you can online! But CSN is a great school and I don't think you'll regret going there!