Has Anyone Recently Applied for the Nursing Program at UNLV?

  1. Hi, everyone. I am a student at UNLV who has just finished taking my prerequisite classes and finally got my GPA to the 3.0 cutoff. I'm not happy about my GPA and if I do not get in for the Spring 2013 nursing program, I believe this will be the reason. My GPA was affected due to my previous major and it has taken me a while to bring it up. I've done fairly well on all of my nursing prerequisite classes. Anyways, my question is, can anyone who has applied to the nursing program please tell me about the process? I have already taken my HESI and made my appointment for the signing session for next month. I'm just wondering what the interview will be like. Do they test you on your knowledge of anatomy, biology, certain diseases, and such? Or, do they just look at your classes, GPA, and ask general questions ( like why do you want to become a nurse?). I get really nervous on interview type things, so I would like to be prepared. Thank you for your time.
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    Hello there!

    I am intending on applying for the summer 2013 session at UNLV. I have yet to take the HESI and my signing session is in February. However, I hope I can give you some insight to your question. If you have not done so, there is a calculation worksheet from which the admissions people use to deliberate your acceptance. http://nursing.unlv.edu/pdf/bsn%20pd...heet_08-09.pdf

    On average, the score of acceptance comes out to be 86<above (which varies each semester; fall is usually higher; summer is usually lower than average). Admissions primarily focuses on how well you succeed in your science and math classes. As long as your gpa is above a 3.0 any other classes you've taken that don't pertain to the nursing major are not looked at. From what I've learned the emphasis on admission is based upon your HESI score and your science gpa (which comes from the worksheet I provided).
    During the signing session, I was told that you just hand in your transcript, HESI score, and application packet; there is no actual in-depth interview.
    This response is a bit late but I hope it helps! I wish you luck.