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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am taking the math toolbox class at CSN next week. I took 100B and 124 at CSN -- I wonder if I am going to be bored or if it will still be helpful?
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  3. by   SunshineDaisy
    I'm taking it too. I did 100B this summer. I am hoping it'll still be helpful!
  4. by   Finny
    I am taking it too... did not take 100B, I took 124. I am sure that even if it is the same information as 100B that this will be a good refresher course for you. Every little bit helps!
  5. by   Tree5981
    I took that class and it was helpful because you can use the information given to you throughout the whole program. So whenever you forget stuff in between semesters you can always go back those notes. Plus it gives you a good idea on how to write a care plan.
  6. by   delleh
    What is MATH toolbox? Is it a refresher type course? I'm applying for fall 2011 at CSN. I only took 100B and I've never heard of math toolbox.
  7. by   Cupcake89121
    The Math Toolbox class is for those that have already been accepted into the nursing program. It is designed to introduce first semester students to the type of math they will use in NURS 101, 115, and Peds. It is also a refresher for currently enrolled nursing students.
  8. by   delleh
    Thanks!!! Now it makes perfect sense that I've never heard of it! I haven't gotten that far