Neurovascular checks? What are they?

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It seems to me that neuro checks are neuro checks. And vascular checks are vascular checks. So, on my flowsheet which says neurovascular checks q 1 hr., what should I be looking at specifically?


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"Neurovascular checks" is a broadened term for assessment of the bloodflow and sensation to areas of the body, usually the extremities. A true "neuro check" deals with level of consciousness, mentation, ability to follow commands, movement and strength, speech, as well as pupillary response to light. A "vascular check" generally means assessment of bloodflow to the extremities. I would base my assessment on what was going on with the patient, the procedures they may have had, and the diagnosis. It may be helpful to clarify the order with the physician to determine what type of assessment he or she wants done. Hope this helps!

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