What's it like working on neurology unit? - page 2

Hi everyone, I was just thinking about different specialties. Can you guys give me some information about what it would be like to work on a neurology floor (pediatric neurology would be awesome!) ... Read More

  1. by   crn26
    I recently received a job on a med-surge neuro floor. If anyone has any ideas on what it may be like, I would love some responses. If anyone has a report sheet geared for neuro patients I would be interested in that too!!
  2. by   clfrn
    Recently moved from telemetry to neuro floor. I agree it is predictable unit. You know what you are going to do before that patient arrives. Frequent neuro checks but you can get a variety of neurological diagnosis. Report paper I made up is pretty much taken from our computer system. Related to push, pulls, grasps bilateral, smile, droop, sensation equal, pupils, drift of arms, and so forth. Look in your nursing books, but I am sure your floor will have standard papers to follow & you can always google the NIHS stroke scale to get some ideas. Good Luck
  3. by   LittleMrs.RN2012
    Even though this post is old,I too less than 2 weeks after graduation had several calls & accepted the neuro job offer since it interested me especially last semester of it all. I too get the weird reaction & know that it is a challenge that will bring rewards so I try to stay positive through it all!I start my job in less than a week!WE Neuro Nurses can do this!