Neuro Surgery Post-Op Interview

  1. I'm a new grad and have an interview for a Neuro Surgery Post-Op position. I was wondering if anyone has advice on how I should prepare. I have completed the NIH Stroke Scale certification Group A and am reviewing neuro chapters in my nursing textbooks. Any advice is sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Surprised1
    Is it adult or peds? I recommend researching the different dx and types of neurosurgeries applicable to your patient population.

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  4. by   nolasteve
    Thank you for responding Surprised1. It will be an all adult population.
  5. by   Surprised1
    You're welcome. Did you have your interview yet?
  6. by   Zombiologist
    For an interview they know you will not know a lot about neuro as a new grad. They are looking to see if you can respond to situations. How would you respond in a customer service situation. How would you respond in a emergent situation? Stuff like that.
  7. by   nolasteve
    Hi Surprised1, I had my interview and feel it went well. It was a behavioral type interview with some critical thinking scenarios as well. Should know within the next two weeks if I was selected for the position
  8. by   Surprised1
    That's typical; most nursing interviews are more about your personality and whether you would be a good fit on the unit.

    Let us know if you get the job!