I need to tie neuropathy to physical trauma/abuse

  1. I don't know if I'm in the right place, but I figured this would be a good place to start. I have to write a research paper, and I'm stuck on pathophys. I have to relate peripheral neuropathy to trauma/physical abuse. I'm trying to do the pathophys for my paper, but I can't find anything to support the fact that this pt's neuropathy is R/T abuse he suffered many years ago.

    If someone can help me find a starting point, I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   StepbyStep
    Ok I will try...this is the first thing I thought about and it might not be what your looking for. But how about pt started out with dx of diabetes which leads to neuropathy, then the pt gets leg ulcers which get worse or go untreated because of nursing home/ home health care neglegt/abuse. Or are you saying you have a particular patient already and cant play with the scenerio? Because many pts with neuropathy cant feel a cut on their feet, etc and wounds. And I didnt know if you meant it specifically had to be a trauma that occured and because that trauma it led to neuropathy??? Sorry Im a night shift nurse and cant sleep tonight here at home hope I was somewhat close to what you meant lol
  4. by   StudentNurse2011
    Thanks for giving it a shot; I appreciate your help! OK, here's the rest of the story....

    I have a particular patient that I'm doing a case study on. He has peripheral neuropathy secondary to trauma/physical abuse from years ago. I understand the pathophys behind it, but I have to find research to support my statements. That's where I'm having problems. A CRNA friend suggested that I simply do the pathophys for peripheral neuropathy and leave it at that. So far, that's what I've done. (Did I mention the paper is due tomorrow - Monday? LOL Yes, I'm a Christmas Eve shopper )

    So no, I can't play with the scenario, and of course he doesn't have diabetes - that would be just way too easy. At this point, I'm beginning to think I'm making this much harder than it has to be. Maybe it IS enough to do the pathophys for neuropathy and call it good. I think I may be reaching for something that isn't there by trying to tie the neuropathy and the trauma into one neat little package - at least as far as research that I can access for free on the internet.

    So at this point, my question is twofold. Should I tie them together? If so, where or how would I find evidence to support my statements? (Free evidence at that. LOL I AM a broke college student, after all.)

    I don't ask for much, huh? Thanks again!
  5. by   StepbyStep
    Well I wonder if you are working on your project right now? I was smiling when I saw it was due tomorrow cause I use to do the same thing and yes...I am a Christmas Eve shopper too. Well by the time you get this you will not need the information at least I hope not lol. Good luck on it and yes I am sure you are overthinking it and how ironic that like everyone has diabetes but this one guy didnt have it....I think I would have said in my project that he did have it lol. Again good luck
  6. by   StudentNurse2011
    Thanks! I finished it last night at 2216. LOL

    I actually considered making him diabetic, but 3 things stopped me. I didn't want to have to bother making up all the data, it would've been more trouble than it was worth, and most importantly, the CI already knows him. LOL