CNRN 2013

  1. Hello,

    I am hoping to sit for the CNRN exam when it is next offered in March of 2013. I'm actually a bit surprised they only offer the test during defined widnows. I hold other nursing specialty certifications and I've never had to wait for a window to test before!

    I was wondering which are the most up to date and appropriate resources for review. I saw a similar thread on here but it looks to be pretty old, and I'm wondering if newer/better resources are now available.

    Currently my institution does not have any CNRN's. My clinical background is in critical care, trauma, and emergency nursing. I recently took a position as the coordinator of a stroke team, and would like to add this specialty certification to my list. I have not worked in a neuro-only setting at any point in my career, but working in critical and emergency care areas has afforded me years of experience with patients suffering from a variety of neurological and neurosurgical diagnoses. I'm hoping this is sufficient.

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  3. by   mleighk
    Know the Hickey book and you will do great.
  4. by   nfdfiremedic
    Well, I took it yesterday... passed! It was the hardest teat I've ever taken for sure, especially compared to my other nursing certifications.
  5. by   LAgirlinOR
    Congratulations! What did you use to study?