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Hello! First time poster.

I am a New Grad RN and wanted to get people's advice about which unit to work on. I have already been offered a New Grad RN position on a cardiac PCU that deals with post-op CABG, valve replacements, pacemakers etc. The orientation period is 12 weeks including adjunct classes, patient ratios are 4:1, and the position is for nights however I was told it can vary. The only downside is that the position is supplemental and there are no benefits until I get full time. I was told by multiple people on the unit however that it's very typical for new grads to start supplemental and with a unit of more than 100 people I will practically be working full time anyways. Plus, as soon as a full time position opens up (they told me 6 months to a year) I can apply and will most likely get the position.

The other position is for a Neuro unit that staffs it's nurses 5:1. The posting is for full-time nights and the orientation is only 6 weeks. Unlike the PCU which was posted exclusively for new grads, this position is open for everyone which leads me to believe I won't have the same type of support system as the PCU position.

Can anybody with experience on either of these units provide their advice or opinions? I love cardiac and have been studying intensively for the PCU, plus I precepted on a PCU so I feel adequately prepared (on top of the 12 week orientation I'm offered). I think neuro would be interesting, however I have reservations about the patient population and know that the work will be much harder (including more incontinent care, ADL's and psych pt's).

Let me know your thoughts, they would be greatly appreciated!

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