postural palsy

  1. I am a student nurse who does CNA work with home health agency. A gentleman I care for has just been DX'd with this.....I have looked in Dorlands, Taber's and Merck's for information with no there another namr for this malady? Does anybody know where I can get some information for my patient? The neurologist treating him isn't too helpful (actually he is a idiot, but thats another thread)

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  3. by   nicudaynurse
    I'm not sure either, but if you look up the words individually posturally just refers to position and palsy is a type of paralysis like in cerebral palsy, bells palsy, etc....

    Is is MRI abnormal? Maybe he has damage to the motor areas of the brain which can affect his movement and posture. Does he have spasticity, dystonia?????

    The neurologist may not have a specific diagnosis for him yet. Postural Palsy may just be a generic diagnosis for his condition. Example being many children are diagnosed with developmental delay which really doesn't tell us much. It's just a general diagnosis meaning that we really don't know what is going on with this kid yet.

    Hope this helps some and remember the doctors sometimes don't know the answers either.
  4. by   obeyacts2
    thanks for the quick reply.....I suspected at the time the "postural palsy" was some sort of wastebasket reply.....this MD came in, sat down with the patient (I was there too) and and told him to stop taking his Sinemet (pt has Never taken this drug) that he doesnt have Parkinsons....basically contradicted himself several times and then told him he would put him on Mycelex (not sure of spelling) Anyway my pt told me as we left "am I wrong or does this guys elevator not go to the top" I said I think you are righht. Anyway the patients wife always has me take notes at all appointments for this reason. She read my notes of the visit and called the Dr......his nurse covered his butt and denied all that went on...then the wife told her that she had detailed notes of the visit and that the CNA who escorts him to his visits is a student RN....ooops. Anyway all the SX my patient has is a constant tremor that drives him bonkers and has been going on for months.....that is his only neuro complaint..he has a multitude of other problems as well. So the current plan is a second opinion....he had an MRI but I don't know the results.