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I know this is prolly a stupid question , but PERL means pupils, equal and reactive to light. What does the "A" stand for? I've been trying to get this questioned answered by everyone I work with in... Read More

  1. by   cnrn
    The "A" stands for accommodation.
    This can only be checked on pts. that are capable of following commands.
    It is the constriction of the pupil caused when you have the pt. focus on an object that is held 1-2 feet in front of the face and then moving the object closer to the face.
    As the object comes within 4-6 inches the eyes will converge inward and the pupils will constrict.
  2. by   ICUNeuroNerd
    just don't chart PERRLA on a patient that doesn't wake up or make eye contact......what you want is PERRL.
  3. by   sinimol
    Hallo !!! I think A stands for AND