Neuro ICU Staff and unit development

  1. We are interested in growing our Neuro service line. I would be interested in hearing from managers/directors/staff regarding unit environment, staffing, education, caremaps, etc.
    Also, if you are neuro experienced and willing to work in Atlanta, please e-mail me at
    We are a non-teaching hospital with an excellent reputation. We have shared governance and clinical ladders.
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  3. by   petulip in Alabama
    I would definitely develop a strong sense of family with your Neuro docs first..get thier input and preferences. I am a staff nurse in Neuro ICU..we have flowsheets designed by our docs..that they depend on and love. Standard orders for each Neuro group.a nice black communication book that nurses and docs share. I have seen pts come to our small 5 bed unit just because we understand what the docs want..not necessarily because the need to be there. Also the docs, knowing thier input was heard, are more willingly to share and teach.ANd when I first came into the unit..that was important to me. it was also reassruing to know the flowsheets were there to guide me in whether or not a certain development was to be reported. I work in a 465 bed hospital with 6 ICU units.(sorry, I am very happy there!!)hope this helped some
  4. by   JACook1
    Moral is a difficult thing to obtain in an ICU, especially a Neuro unit. For the most part, well trained, well developed and experienced nurses come with well developed personalities and sometime difficult attitudes to tame. Many times I've seen the battle of wills clash on the floor. I come from one of two large level one neuro-trauma units that supports a combination neuro surgical team. Moral is all about the attitude. It is contagious. My suggestion is to display the attitude you wish to have and lay the rules down that a good attitude is expect of the staff with a "no tolerance" for back-biting.
  5. by   neuro nurse 1
    What is the name of the hospital?