1. I am an English RN of 39 years experience. For the last 6 years I have been working in Neuro ICU in England. I am about to take up a post in Neuro ICU in Greenville NC. I am a member of the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses (BANN). I understand that the AANN has a CNRN qualification.

    This appears to be fairly specialised, I would be grateful for any information from practicing Neuro ICU nurse in the USA.

    Essentially my questions are:-

    To what extent is it recognised by employers in the USA?

    What is it's intrinsic value from a professional standpoint?
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    I am a manager of a neuro ICU in NJ and we in fact pay someone 2,ooo more a year if they have a specialty certification. They must meet certain criteria during the year but most of it matches up with the requirements to maintain your certification. Our Neuroscience Institute actually promotes to the public that over 50% of our staff is certified
    You should also consider joining your local chapter of aann
    hope this helps '
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    Hi Judy..
    Thank you for the information.. I had already decided to enrol with the AANN. In view of your response I think the CNRN is a must.


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    I'm a practicing CNRN of many years. First, the test is hard. I took it after I took my CCRN and found it more difficult. Why? Not only does it have critical care stuff on it, but TONS and I do mean TONS of A&P from fetal development to adult, plus a lot of disorders that we don't typically see in ICU. For instance, there is a large amount of questions on neurodegeneratives such as MS, ALS, Alzheimers, etc. Also some very obscure syndromes. Lots of brain tumor and chemotherapy questions. Yes, know your chemo well! But on the flip side, it's well worth the effort. I can't tell you how many recruiters call me each month to offer neuro positions. We are few and far between so CNRN's are a hot commodity. Especially if you go to grad school. I am telling you, it's nuts out there.
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    Quote from neurogeek
    I'm a practicing CNRN of many years. First, the test is hard. I took it after I took my CCRN and found it more difficult.
    I agree, the test is hard!! It made NCLEX and CCRN look like cakewalks! :biere: