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Hello all ... just about to take a pharm exam and one of the subjects is neuraxial analgesia. I'm wondering if any of the CRNA's, MDA's, AA's or SRNA's in clinicals have any experience with pain clinics and this type of management. Do you see better relief with somatic pain compared to neuropathic? I've read that Morphine is the primary choice, but have any of you seen any other opioids used? Just curious ... I'm really intrigued by chronic pain management.


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Just wanted some clarification to see if you are looking for thoughts on acute pain versus chronic pain management modalities? If so, this may help

"most neuropathic pain responds poorly to NSAIDS and opioid analgesics. The mainstay of treatment are predominantly the tricyclic antidepressants (TCA's), the anticonvulsants and the systemic local anesthetics. Other pharmacological agents that have proven efficacious include the corticosteroids, topical therapy with substance P depletors, autonomic drugs and NMDA receptor antagonists."



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Thanks Mike ... yes I was looking for acute pain specifically. Great link!

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