Hello Everyone!

I'm taking general/prereq classes right now. Before December 2009, I'll have to take and pass the NET.

Does anyone have any ideas on NET preparation?

Has anyone on this forum recently taken their NET? If so, what specifically will I need to study up on to pass? Please be detailed in your explanations.

I appreciate any and all comments.

God bless you.


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I took it Feb 2007. My college offered a prep course for it. I have never had trouble with grades, but I took it. I found it very helpfull. They did very little teaching about the subject matter, rather they did teaching on how to take it. There are different sections and they are all timed. The point is to get to answer all of the questions, but not to rush and make mistakes. Tricky, huh?? Not really. The math is pretty much a process of elimination. Don't work the problems; either plug in the answers and see if they work or just actually look at the answers. You should be able to eliminate 2 without even doing any math. Then you can plug in the 2 remaining and there you go. The reading portion is stories and then questions about main idea and so on. I always have trouble with these, but surprisingly they were pretty simple. If you dont take the prep course (it was 2 hours for 1 day), find something that has examples and practice a few. They are not the really challenging ones, they just want to know you can comprehend what you are reading. I cant remember exactly what else was on there, but I think there was some english. Also, there is a thing that test how fast you read. I actually forgot about it and was closing my eyes and sighing because I thought I was on one of the 5 minute breaks. Mine ended up ok, but they dont count that. I dont know why they do it though. That is all I remember. Hope this helps. Oh yeah one more thing. I wore earplugs because when I am anxious I am easily distracted and remember it is timed.

Good Luck!!


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Want to hear something strange? When I was in bed last night, putting my ear plugs in to block out my husbands snoring :banghead:,

I wondered about wearing them for my NET. Why not? I stuck my finger in my ear while taking my writing competency test as the girl beside me nervously, annoyingly, repeatedly bounced her leg off her desk. I may have looked strange to the teacher, but it worked!

Thank you so much :thankya:


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I just took the NET in june. It was different then what i had expected. It was alot of math-whole numbers,decimals,percentages,number system conversions, & algebra. 60 questions 60 mins. Then the reading, timed reading.then there's a stress level profile, social interaction profile. & a learning style test. It was pretty easy but under pressure it kinda sucked. I passed w/86% in math, 71% in reading


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hello everyone!

i'm taking general/prereq classes right now. before december 2009, i'll ake and pass the net.

does anyone have any ideas on net preparation?

has anyone on this forum recently taken their net? if so, what specifically will i need to study up on to pass? please be detailed in your explanations.

i appreciate any and all comments.

god bless you.


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i'm so glad that you posted this because i'm studying to take mine as well. my college doesn't offer any prep classes for the net,but we were able to buy a study guide that was written by the makers of the net. it seems to be pretty helpful and many classmates said it helped them a lot. here's the info in case you don't have it and want to find/buy it:

study guide for the net,the hobet,the help entrance tests.

put out by:

educational resources, inc. 1800-292-2273

good luck!:up:

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