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So I got my NET test results in the mail today. 97% in Math, 97% in Science Reading, 94% Composite.

It states that I was in the 99 percentile.

I'm super psyced out! I'm going to apply soon for spring 2010 and it'll be NETscore + GPA and they'll choose candidiates with highest scores. So hopefully I'll be able to compete wth others without too much worry (but I'd continue to bite my nails!)

How do they determine that percentile? Is it the people that I'm taking the test with (about 30 other people) or is it out of all tests administered?

How do most people do on the NET? Anyone else applying to a school that uses NET scores like this?


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I believe (from what I've read on the board) that it's amongst those (all over the country) that have taken the test. One school I'm applying to uses the NET and it is a % in the application process. The GPA in pre-reqs counts for 65%, NET is 30% and county resident is 5%. Check with your school to see if they'll give you percentages - and peace of mind!



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