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Nervous potential nursing student in Los Angeles

Aestytam Aestytam (New) New

Hi guys and gals! I'm new to this site so would really like some advice :) I am new in the process of nursing (but have thought about it for years.) I am scared and intimidated to go through the process, especially with having expenses of living alone while working full-time and having to travel to the bay area every 3 months for work. I have almost 40 GE units from 8 years ago, but very few prereqs for nursing. I saw that the pass rates were high for la county/allied and am interested in going there eventually but am wondering how many schools you all apply to?

But first I have a ton of classes to take first. Did anyone do there prereqs at multiple schools? Because of my work schedule, I may have to take some at lacc and lavc. Does anyone have a list of all the prereqs that we need? I have already completed: english, into to psychology, speech/speaking, and bio 1 (received a D, so i'll be retaking) I went to college in northern CA so the course #'s are so different. In the spring I'm interested in taking anatomy 1, math 12 and psych 41. It seems like the prereqs are different at various schools, I just don't want to waste more time. Also, I'm so terrible of math and tests, I'm a bit nurvous on how I'll do. Thanks so much, I'm really proud of all you guys and can't wait to be as close to you guys are in the process. I'm 31 years old- so I want to get on a roll! :coollook: