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Nervous Nelly!

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by RachelLeeRN RachelLeeRN (Member)

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Hi everyone!! I just found out today I passed my boards!!:balloons:

So Florida has a new RN!

I start July 1st for my graduate nurse position. Im scared to death. Did anyone feel this way? I am so afraid I will hurt someone or mess up.

You would think anxiety would be over after getting through school and nclex...but I feel its just begun!!

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walk6miles specializes in ICU of all kinds, CVICU, Cath Lab, ER..

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Welcome RachelLeeRn - one Florida "oldtimer" to a Florida newbie.... wish I could precept you -- I have never forgotten how I was treated at my first hospital in Boston....not nice, not nice!

Don't worry about hurting anyone.... your preceptor should be there for you and any questions you may need answered - allnurses.com is here !! God bless!

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Oh thanks!! I know what you mean, of course I've had my few share of bad preceptors through out nursing school. Always seems to amaze me.

HELLO WEREN'T you in my shoes before?? I did have some great ones though, and I will never forget those Angels:saint:

Time to be a big girl and forget the excuse " I have no idea, IM just a student!"

Thanks for the support

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