Nervous! Interview help needed for peds!

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Can anyone help and give me an idea of what questions a pediatric office is going to ask me in the interview and what they might be looking for?

What questions should I ask?



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Well...don't tell them you can't stand children or parents. :rotfl: (just kidding)

I don't know what they will ask specifically, but having worked in peds offices for 10 years I can tell you what is expected. First, know your vaccines. What they are, when, where and how they are given, side effects, etc, etc, etc. Know your growth, development, milestones and behaviour. Have a good idea of kid disorders, especially the more common ones the childhood viral illnesses, allergies, diarrhea and constipation, etc. Know kiddie nutrition like toddler appetites, too much milk, too much juice, no veggies, etc. And don't forget infant/child skin care and problems.

You should be able to connect with the kids, that helps, but mostly you should be able to connect with the parents. Parents of sick kids can be a real pain (understandably) and it can be a real challenge at times.

When you get to your interview, ask what specifically is the nurse's job in that office. If it's a smaller office with one or two doctors, your role may be bigger. If it's a very large office with lots of docs and nurses, your role may be smaller. One thing I said when I was interviewed by the last ped I worked for that really clinched my job was "I view my role in an office as making things easier and quicker for you. (the doc) When there's a well baby exam, my role is to go in there and weigh the measure the baby and answer as many of the parent's questions as I can. That way when you go in, you can concentrate on your physical exam. That will save you time."

If you are still not sure about all the peds knowledge, don't worry too much. You will learn very quickly...I know I did. Just go in there and be yourself, listen and try to figure out what the doc is looking for.

Good luck. I wish I was in your place...I now work in family practice but would love to go back to pediatrics again. Maybe one day.

Let me know how it goes.

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