Nervous about first job


Hello all,

I am currently taking my last course for my BSN (an English lit course :down:). I currently work as a tech, and have an interview in the MICU at the same hospital. I'm so nervous to be promoted to an RN. It is such a jump in the level of responsibility. I've even had mild anxiety attacks while thinking it. Are these feelings normal to have? Any advice about starting out in ICU? I just want to be able to do a good job. lol



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It's normal to have some anxiety about your first RN job. It is a big change. However, I don't think it's good that you are to the point of having anxiety attacks. Do you have someone that you can vent to to help relieve some tension? If you end up accepting the job, ask the nurse manager if she can give you a list of the most common conditions that you are likely to encounter so that you can study before you start.

Remember that you will have an orientation to the job. Probably for several weeks. You will have time to adjust and learn and will not be thrown to the wolves. Identify one or two nurses that work on the floor who seem like good teachers and learn from them.

I started out in PICU as a new grad and yes, I was nervous. But fortunately, the staff is amazing and it's been a better transition than I could have hoped for. I hope you have a good experience too.