Nervous in clinical


Hey guys so I've been reading the forums off and on for a year or so and this is my first post here. Anyways I'm going to be done with my CNA clinical next Wednesday. And graduation is Friday :)

Right now I'm on a dementia unit and the dementia peeps are wonderful to work with :D

But back to what this post is about lol. I should mention I have ADHD also. So during clinical I'm like the only one in my class that goes at the speed of light (without thinking about it). I'm always zipping around like a chicken with my head cut off because I get nervous easily when I'm doing new things that I don't have much experience in (like being a CNA). Sure we got to watch and do the skills once maybe twice before clinical started if we were lucky. I should also mention that I'm a hands on learner more than I am a book person. Idk how I got the highest grade in my class but my teacher told me I did. And she even told me that she had me pegged from the beginning. As in she knew that I'd have a hard time getting into the swing of things. It takes me a bit to get things to feel natural and not question myself if I'm doing something 100% correctly. Which is apparently my biggest weakness, my classmates tell me I'm too much of a perfectionist and to self critical. Like tonight I was like "well I can do this better and I'm not satisfied with my skills just yet". For me it's mainly trouble with getting the routines of the skills cemented in my brain. I can't bring myself to do a half ass'd job just because I'm a student the residents depend on me for 100% of the care they need (most of them do). For instance when it was my first day we started doing partial bed baths and sometimes they'd make noises when you rolled them and it freaked me out because they seem so fragile and so I was constantly making sure they were okay because I didn't want to hurt them. It took me three nights of clinical to get over my fear of hurting someone. Apparently my instructor said they make those noises because their not used to moving around that much and I didn't think of it like that at the time. But on a happy note my classmate and I (along with my instructor) got to give someone a whirl pool bath tonight which was cool :) to bad they can't all get one every night. It just wouldn't be feasible I guess :( Also my girlfriend is graduating with her BSN in may so I get to chat with her about this stuff which helps too. I can't help striving for perfection it's just what I do. And I do it without even thinking about it and the nervousness doesn't go away till I'm satisfied with my performance even though everyone else is thinking I'm nuts. I do plan on going to nursing school for my bachelors degree :) Any tips or thoughts are greatly appreciated.