Nervous applying for Algonquin RPN application! HPAT test and any advice please

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Hi everyone!

I am currently a grade 12 student who has had my heart set on Algonquin's Practical Nursing program for over a year now (but I am also open minded to any other suggested RPN programs in Ontario).

The prerequisites for this course are Gr 12 Math (college level or equivalent), Gr 11 or 12 Biology and Chemistry (college level or equivalent), and Gr 12 English (college level or equivalent).

I was wondering if there is a higher consideration for U level courses? This is because in my application I want to include my Grade 11 Biology U course (84%), Grade 12 Chemistry U course (estimated 75%), Grade 12 English U course (87%), and Grade 12 Math C course (estimated 85%). I am worried that these grades are not high enough, even if the minimum requirement is 65%, because it is to my knowledge that this program is extremely competitive. Does anyone happen to know last year's grade cut off or a required grade to get accepted to this program? Also, I understand that I must do a HPAT test when I apply. How hard is it? What sort of questions are asked for the science portion of it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,




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Hi! Did you end up taking the test and if so are you able to offer me some help, please and thank you!