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Nerve Conduction Studies

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Today, I had a nerve conduction study. It was nothing like I thought it would be. For some reason, I was expecting something similar to accupuncture. However, I was stuck 7 times in my left arm with the same needle. After the 3rd stick, each stick became more painful. After sticking my arm 7 times, the woman said they would change needles to do my neck because the needle they had been using was probably getting dull. So, they used a second needle to stick me 3 times in the neck. I found the entire thing to be much more painful than acupuncture. In fact, I have never experienced any type of pain with acupuncture. Well, I recalled that when I had to take shots for something else, the nurse who taught me how to give myself the shot made a comment about how the needles can become dull and not to stick it in and out of the vial of B12...to just stick it once into the vial, draw up the B12, and stick it once into the skin. Well, the question is this. If they know that these needles become dull, then why do they use one needle for 7 sticks on a nerve conduction study? Is it laziness or being too cheap to buy more needles? I personally thought that it hurt.

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